Dental fillings are treatment for cavities. In some cases, a filling will successfully relieve sensitivity in the tooth caused by the damage. Other times the dentist may combine the filling with other treatments for the best result.

The main cause of cavities is tooth decay. There are other ways to have a cavity, because a cavity is a hole and there are other ways for you to get a hole in your tooth. You can get a hole in your tooth because you’re grinding one tooth against another and wearing one away, so that would be a cavity also.

If you have a cavity, your dentist is going to treat it in different ways depending upon the size of the cavity, the depth of the cavity, and how much tooth structure has been lost because of this cavity. So the resolution for this cavity may be a small filling, it may be a large filling, it may be an inlay which is a large filling made in a laboratory, or it may be a crown which covers the entire tooth and is also made in a laboratory. Treatment will vary depending upon the severity of the cavity.

The length of time that your dental filling will last will vary depending upon the size of the filling and the material used. If you use a filling material that is designed to be a small filling and you use it as a large filling, it’s not going to last as long.

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