When it comes to modern day braces Dallas and Orthodontic devices these days you have plenty of options.  It doesn’t matter how severe your corrections are we have the devices to fix it.

metal braces

The most popular braces Dallas  we offer are the classics stainless steel braces.  These braces are made out of top quality stainless steel.  This type of braces are the most popular form of braces used today.  The only downside to stainless steel braces is they will stain the teeth a bit.  This is the main reason people are reluctant to using this type of device.  There has been improvements made to stainless steel braces over the years as they are now built with a combination of stainless steel, and nickel titanium which lowers the amount of staining we have seen in the past.  Also you can now add some flare to these braces with colored elastics and ligatures that are also colored.

ceramic braces

Another form of braces Dallas that are becoming very popular are Ceramic braces.   They are definitely more popular with patients that are more concerned with how the steel braces will look.  Ceramic Braces Dallas. Ceramic braces are clear and are less visable than stainless steel braces.  These braces are made to blend in with the natural color of your tooth’s enamel.  The only downside to ceramic braces is they require better care as they are more brittle than steel and can break easier.  They are very strong and as long as you are not abusing them with hard candies etc they will last just fine

lingual bracesLingual Braces are another option that are even more discreet and fitted to the backside of your teeth.  This is one of the more expensive options and are very effective offering the most discreet form of braces.  The only downside is they are very hard to adjust to lingual braces and, because they get in the way of a tongue’s natural movements, they can cause speech problems as well as do damage to the tongue itself.

invisalign bracesFor those that don’t have major complications with their teeth Invisalign is a great discreet option. These braces are almost entirely invisible (hence the name) and they aren’t easily noticed. They are employed for the gradual and effective movement of the teeth from where they are now to where is the healthiest. These also offer the wearer superior oral hygiene because it’s easy to remove them for brushing and flossing or while you eat.


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