There are many different reasons for gum disease or Periodontal disease. Most periodontal disease activity if caught early is very easily treated. It may require a deep periodontal cleaning and periodontal surgery.
Some of the reasons are

  1. Improper home care.
  2. Lack of regular dentist visit.
  3. Genetic disposition. This does not mean that if your parents lost their teeth, you will lose your teeth. Just be aware that you may be a possible victim for periodontal disease.
  4. Habits, such as smoking. This accelerates the periodontal disease.
  5. Occlusive trauma. This means that you bite may be off or you are grinding and clinching your teeth. Usually excessive wear on your teeth is a sign that you are doing this.

Managing gum disease is all about daily plaque control – essentially sound oral hygiene. That means, in most cases, stopping the plaque in your mouth is really in your own hands. Brush every day. Floss every day. Period. Your dentist or oral hygienist may recommend fluoride toothpaste or tartar reduction rinses. Dental professionals recommend oral irrigation as a great way to really clean teeth and gums. Oral irrigators get what tooth brushes and floss don’t, so plaque and tartar and the resulting advanced gum disease never come back.


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