An implant-supported denture is a type of denture supported by dental implants and attached to jaw. Implant dentures are attached to implants, while a regular denture is placed directly on the gums and is not supported by implants that makes less successful fitting dentures in your mouth.

Denture implants placement is better way to fasten dentures to your mouth without using nay dentures adhesives. In this implant-dentures technique, a drill is used to implant screw placing in the jawbone. Once the gum and bone heals, the screw become integrated into the jaw.  They are used to secure the dentures into the jaw

An implant-dentures are used when a person doesn’t have any teeth in the jaw, but has enough bone in the jaw to support implants. An implant-supported denture has special attachments that snap onto attachments on the implants.

Implant retained dentures usually are made for the lower jaw, because regular dentures tend to be less stable there. Ordinary, a regular denture made to fit an upper jaw is quite stable on its own and doesn’t need the extra dental implants support. However, you can receive an implant-denture in either the upper or lower jaw.

In spite of implant retained denture is secured, you can remove it easily. Some people prefer to have fixed implant-denture that can’t be removed,  but Dr. Marneni will consider your particular needs and preferences when suggesting fixed or removable dentures.

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