Tired of hiding your smile due to crooked teeth, stained teeth or misaligned teeth. Many people put off having their teeth corrected due to fear of the potential discomfort of having braces or other cosmetic dental procedures.

The emotional impact of having crooked, cracked or missing teeth is huge.  Dr Marneni a Dallas Dentist says, “I’ve had patients cry uncontrollably when they see their new smile, when you have spent years hiding your smile,  to have it corrected is very emotional for many of our patients”.  A recent study by Align Technology found that one in five adults feel they are judged on the basis of their smile.  Interestingly the study shows that 23% of men and 17% of women are anxious about how their teeth appear.

Many adults believe that they missed their chance of having straight teeth if they didn’t get child hood braces.  Today with products like Invisalign, many adults are getting a second chance at having a great smile.

Dr. Marneni says, “Invisalign is one of the most common cosmetic procedures we offer for adults wanting to straighten their teeth.  The beauty of Invisalign is they are clear and can be taken out when needed”.    The system uses a series of aligners that are changed every two weeks, the digital scanning system also demonstrates how the teeth will move from start to finish.  Most people go from start to finish in one to two years depending on the severity of the case.

The Invisalign system is not permanently adhered to the teeth, they can be removed for short periods of time for eating or spending romantic time.  This really helps with keeping the teeth and gums healthy, unlike traditional braces where food and bacteria get lodged in between the appliance and teeth leading to cavities and other issues.

Dr. Marneni is a top Dallas cosmetic dentist with two family and cosmetic dental facilities one in Dallas and the other dental practice in Rowlett.  At both locations Dr. Marneni offers Invisalign and other cosmetic dental procedures like:

In some cases our patients may be advised to have a number of cosmetic dental procedures performed to obtain their dream smile.  Dr. Marneni also offers cosmetic dental financing which helps many obtain their dream smile.

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